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The Export Growth of Shenzhen Reached 17.9% in March

Date Posted:2012-04-25   Author:    Source:Original site

The situation of import and export of Shenzhen recovered markedly. According to statistic, the import and export value of Shenzhen reached US$ 38.72 billion in this March, with a year-on-year growth of 13.9%. Among the whole, export took up US$ 22.38 billion, with a year-on-year rise of 17.9%, or 16.7% growing faster than that of the previous month.



Motivated by the recovery of import and export in March, the total import and export value of Shenzhen in first quarter amounted to US$ 95.02 billion, among which the export value reached US$ 55.08 billion, respectively risen by 2.4% and 3%.The declining situation of the first two months had reversed.



Judging from trade forms, processing trade export showed a shrunken decline in the first quarter and the performance of general trade was more satisfying than that of the overall situation, introduced by related officer of Shenzhen Customs. Statistics showed that import and export of general trade in Shenzhen rose 3.6% to US$ 29.32 billion in the first quarter, or 30.9% in import and export value of the whole city in the same period. The growth performance of general trade export was better than that of the overall and its total value reached US$ 17.25 billion, up 4.4%, or 2 % more than the growth rate when compared with the overall export.



The export situation of mechanical and electrical products of Shenzhen reversed from declining to rising. The export value of mechanical and electrical products amounted to US$ 39.36 billion, a slight rise of 0.8% or 71.5% in export value of the whole city in the same period, which reversed the decline of 5.5% of the first two months.



What is worth mentioning is that trade with Hong Kong is taking a rapid turn for the better.Surging with the current situation, the import and export of trade with Hong Kong had risen to US$ 11.68 billion, soared by 36.2%. The trade value with Hong Kong of the first quarter had grown to 10.2%, US$ 26.6 billion, from a decline of 4.1% of the first two months when compared with that of last year. The slow recovery of the global economy continuously influenced the import and export performance of Shenzhen to its main trade partners and its trade value of ASEAN, America and EU of the first quarter respectively amounted for US$ 10.18 billion, US$ 7.86 billion and US$ 7.81 billion, down by 1.5%、6.8% and 3.9%.