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SZ Promotes Going out HK Welcomes Bringing in

Date Posted:2009-07-22   Author:    Source:Original site
On the morning of July 21, the Seminar of Investment in HK for Shenzhen Logistics Enterprises organized by LSCMA, Shenzhen Bureau of Trade and Industry (SZBTI), Invest Hong Kong and Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in Guangdong (GDETO) was held in Shenzhen Civil Center. Deputy-Director of SZBTI, Ms. Zhou Xiaohong, Secretary General of LSCMA, Ms. Zheng Yanling and Logistics Project Director of Invest Hong Kong, Mr. Wong Kwok Fan, Chief Immigration Service Officer of Immigration Department of Hong Kong SAR, Mr. Chu Kwok Kwong, Investment Marketing Manager of GDETO, Ms. Lai Xuezhu and representatives from 12 Shenzhen logistics companies attended the seminar. They had profound communication in some macro and detailed issues concerning the policies, regulations, procedures, enterprises’ worries and doubts on the investment in Hong Kong among Shenzhen logistics companies.
As the globalization of China’s economy becomes further, the intent to invest abroad of domestic enterprises becomes stronger and their development becomes faster. On March 16th this year, Ministry of Commerce released Measures for Overseas Investment Management with purposes of not only regulating the conducts of enterprises’ overseas investment, but also of encouraging and driving domestic enterprises to step outside and go out to the world. Moreover, on July 13th this year State Administration of Foreign Exchange (SAFE) also released Regulations for the Administration of foreign Exchange for Offshore Direct Investment, to be in effect from August 1st.
Government Builds Platform for Enterprises to Perform   SZ Promotes Going out
Shenzhen has been the leader in overseas investment. According to statistics, until the end of 2008, the number of Shenzhen enterprises involved in overseas investment reached 526 in 106 countries and regions. Among these enterprises, 247 enterprises were located in Hong Kong and Macau, taking up 48% among the overseas investment enterprises. This shows Shenzhen enterprises’ tight connection with Hong Kong. Secretary General of LSCMA Ms. Zheng Yanling said it is the first step of global layout for enterprises in Mainland to connect the world through Hong Kong. Shenzhen enterprises have the geographical advantage of neighboring to Hong Kong, who possesses the natural advantages in logistics development. So Shenzhen logistics enterprises have the unique and convenient condition to invest in Hong Kong. And it is also a trend for Shenzhen logistics industry.
In order to support and help Shenzhen enterprises go out, Shenzhen Government has adopted a series measures according to regional situations. At the seminar, Deputy Director of SZBTI Zhou Xiaohong introduced measures of supporting foreign economic development, which include setting up funds for SMEs to exploit overseas market, special funds for foreign economic and technical cooperation, organizing enterprises to take part in famous overseas exhibitions, carrying out overseas promotions with industrial associations, and holding bilateral investment and trade promotion activities with foreign investment and trade promotion agencies etc. “As long as enterprises have the ambition to go to the international stage, the Government will try every effort to support and help them, ” Deputy Director Zhou said.
Positively Introduce Investment Environment, HK Government Provides Services to SZ Enterprises
As neighbors, Hong Kong and Shenzhen have excellent and convenient geographical advantage for cooperation. With the economic development in Mainland, especially in Shenzhen region, the cooperation between Hong Kong and Shenzhen has transferred from Hong Kong-Shenzhen investment to bilateral interaction and cooperation.
In order to attract Mainland logistics enterprises to invest in Hong Kong, Mr. Wong Kwok Fan, Head of Transportation of Invest HK, introduced a series of advantages of developing logistics in Hong Kong. These advantages include geographical advantages, advanced infrastructure and facilities, high effective customs procedure and the GZ-SZ-HK railway and HK-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge which to be built soon. Chief Immigration Service Officer of Immigration Department of Hong Kong SAR, Mr. Chu Kwok Kwong also gave a detailed introduce of related procedure of Mainland enterprises working in Hong Kong. Chief Immigration Service Officer of Immigration Department of Hong Kong SAR, Mr. Chu Kwok Kwong said as the only department to attract investment under the Hong Kong Government, Invest HK is willing to provide one-stop consultation and guidance services for the promising Mainland enterprises who would like to invest in Hong Kong. Moreover, they worked with Ministry of Commerce and Liaison Office to publish the manual – Help Hand by Hand Mainland Enterprises Invest in Hong Kong, providing guidance to Mainland enterprises.
In addition, Hong Kong Government also sets up the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in Guangzhou, Guangdong. The office often holds many trades and investment promoting campaigns for free for the two sides and builds a convenient platform for Mainland enterprises to get connected to Hong Kong.