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The Voice of the Middle-East Region, the Choice of Shenzhen Logistics

Date Posted:2009-11-19   Author:    Source:Original site
During October 25 to 31, Shenzhen logistics delegation (short for the delegation) leaded by Wu Xiaoming, director general of Shenzhen Logistics Office and Zhen Yanling, Secretary-General of Shenzhen Logistics and Supply Chain Management Association (hereinafter referred as LSCMA) and consisted of delegates from 11 Shenzhen enterprises, went to Wuhan, Xiangfan, Suzhou and Wujin where they respectively started out business exchanges and talks with the local logistics and manufacturing enterprises and carried out deep negotiations with the local governments and enterprises and achieved many consensuses finally. The trip to Hubei and Jiangsu provinces lasted for 7 days. On October 31, the delegation came back to Shenzhen with happiness of fruitful result.
During October 26 to 30, the delegation respectively held The Exchange Conference on the Cooperation and Development of Logistics Industry with the four local governments and enterprises. Wherever the delegation went to, it was well received by the local governments and enterprises. The exchange conferences in the four places, gathering elites from all walks of life and attracting many related government leaders, delegates of enterprises and local major media, sonly became the spotlight of logistics Industry.
As to the conference in Wuhan and Xiangfan, the attenders included Wangqiang, the general director of Wuhan Development and Reform Commission, Li Xuyong, Standing Committee of Xiangfan Municipal Party Committee and leaders of Xiangfan Development and Reform Cmmission. The participants also included delegates from the local logistics enterprises like Wuhan Port Group, Join Town Medicine Group, Xiangfan Boya Machinery Group, Baisheng Logistics etc. On the exchange conference in Wuhan, the Shenzhen third party logistics enterprises introduced their advanced experiences which attracted much attention from Wuhan logistics enterprises. The Shenzhen delegates expressed that in order to create professional information platform of logistics industry and realize effective sharing, the cooperation between logistics industry and manufacturing industry must be strengthened.
The delegation arrived in Suzhou on October 27th and attended the exchange conference there October 28th afternoon. The participants also included many leaders of Suzhou Development and Reform Commission and over 20 enterprises, such as Suzhou Logistics Association and Suzhou Bonded Logistics Center, etc. As the speed of going out is continuously accelerating, more and more Shenzhen logistics enterprises locate in Suzhou. On the morning of October 28th, the delegation paid a visit to research Baohengtong Shiye Group Suzhou Branch.
On the afternoon of October 30th, the delegation held “Wujin & Shenzhen Exchange Conference on Cooperation and Development of Logistics Industry” in Wujin with Transportation Bureau of Wujin District of Changzhou and the local enterprises. Over 20 local related enterprises with great interest in the cooperation with Shenzhen logistics enterprises took part in the conference. Wujin, with solid and strong economic foundation and excellent industry foundation and infrastructure condition, has ranked the top 10 of famous and powerful countries for years in China and possesses many advantages for the development of logistics enterprises. On the conference, Wujin Logistics Office and Shenzhen Supply Chain Management Research Institute signed the Letter of consignation Intention on the consultation of Wujin logistics development and the project plan of logistics parks.
As to the Wuhan exchange conference held on October 26th , many media, including Wuhan TV, Wuhan Evening Paper, Changjiang Daily and Hubei Daily etc. did onsite reports about it. And on Xiangfan Conference of October 27th , media including Xiangfan Evening Paper, Xiangfan TV, Xiangfan Daily, Xiangfan Radio made overall reports, too. So did Suzhou Daily on Suzhou exchange conference of October 28th. On October 30th, media, such as Wujin TV, Modern Fast Paper and Wujin News etc all reported The Exchange Conference on the Cooperation and Development of Logistics Industry 2009 in detail.
According to the interview of General Director Wu Xiaoming, from the initial development to the rise of logistics industry, Shenzhen logistics enterprises have always been in the forefront of China logistics industry. Logistics is one of the cores of national economy and its development level has been an important symbol indicating the comprehensive strength of a region or even a country. As the grown up of China manufacturing industry, China logistics industry will also rapidly develop as an important force into the global logistics industry. Shenzhen must play a real role of bellwether in the domestic logistics industry.
On the Exchange Conferences on the Cooperation and Development of Logistics Industry in the four places, the delegation promoted and introduced China (Shenzhen) International Logistics and Transportation Fair (CILF for short) 2009 held in the upcoming December. When heard from the delegation member that CILF is hosted by Shenzhen Municipal Government for 3 continuous years, the onsite enterprises bursted into applause at once. A delegate form Wujin said that, Shenzhen logistics delegation brought not only real experience of logistics which enabled us to realize the distance of logistics between the two regions, but also the good news of the upcoming opening of CILF2009. We will not miss this excellent opportunity and will come in a group to explore bigger market for the further development of Wujin logistics.
Secretary-General of LSCMA Zheng Yanning expressed on the exchange conference that, “Today, it is logistics---the strong industry that brings us together. We come with full sincerity and hope you could better understand CILF, recognize CILF and join in CILF. We expected CILF could bring real benefits and new profit growth to enterprises and contribute to the expansion of their scale and market sharing. Of course, we will benifits many fruitful results. Thanks a lot for the kind reception of the governments and enterprises. From now on, we are sure to enlarge the communications and exchanges between the two governments, and to promote the mutual development of logistics and manufacturing industry of both sides.”
During the delegation's research trip to various logistics base and processing districts of Wujin, the accompanied person of Wujin District Government expressed that, Wujin had developed industries of machinery manufacturing, light textile, chemical, new material, electronic manufacturing and precise instrument etc. The perfect and excellent manufacturing industry system promoted strong demands of Wujin for logistics services. At present, Wujin urgently needs the support of various kinds of logistics services. In this respect, Shenzhen has certain industry advantages that are complimentary to Wujin.