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Tentative Measure of Identification of Shenzhen Key Logistics Project Policy Interpretation Lecture

Date Posted:2010-02-09   Author:    Source:Original site
On the morning of February 1st, 2010, the policy interpretation lecture of Tentative Measure of Shenzhen Key Logistics Project Identification was held at the multi-functional meeting room of Shenzhen Logistics and Supply Chain Management Association (LSCMA for short). The attendees included Ms. Zheng Yanling, Secretary General of LSCMA, and representatives from member units and related staff from the secretary office of LSCMA.
The twelfth batch application of Shenzhen modern key logistics project has already started. In order to strengthen member units’ understanding on Tentative Measure of Identification of Shenzhen Key Logistics Project, and practically improve the operation level of the enterprises to use the governmental logistics industry policy, LSCMA specially held the first period of policy interpretation lecture in 2010.
At the lecture, Ms Zheng gave a specific interpretation about Tentative Measure of Identification of Shenzhen Key Logistics Project to the attending members. Ms. Zheng pointed out that the application work of Shenzhen modern key logistics project is an important measure for Shenzhen to promote the development of logistics industry; the enterprises should seize the advantageous opportunities of application of key logistics project and carefully do well on the analysis of market prospect, operation mode and the estimation of economic efficiency of the application project etc; make full use of related favorable policies about developing Shenzhen modern logistics industry issued by the government. 
The lecture lasted for more than one hour, and the attendees showed an exciting response. At the lecture, Ms. Zheng also answered many questions about some details of the policy on the spot. The representatives of the member units all expressed their thanks to LSCMA for providing such a good platform and learning opportunity, and they have learned a lot through this lecture. They also suggested that LSCMA hold more such meaningful interpretation activities in the future.