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The Second Conference of the Fifth Council Meeting Held by LSCMA

Date Posted:2012-03-28   Author:    Source:Original site
Shenzhen Logistics Industry Situation Analysis Meeting of 2012
was Held during the Same Period
On the afternoon of March 22nd, 2012, the Second Conference of the Fifth Council Meeting of Shenzhen Logistics and Supply Chain Management Association and Shenzhen Logistics Industry Situation Analysis Meeting of 2012 were held in the Grand hall of our association. The conference was hosted by Secretary-General of our association Zheng Yanling and 35 representatives from 35 council companies attended it. Wu Xiaoming, the chief of Logistics Office of Transport Committee of Shenzhen Municipality also participated in the meeting and made a significant speech.
Council Companies Has Increased to 49, Innovative Service Promotes Development
The meeting deliberated and adopted 4 new companies as Vice-Chairman, namely, Shenzhen Trade-link Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd, Shenzhen Excellence Logistics Co., Ltd, Shenzhen Xinlikang Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd and Shenzhen ZTE Supply Chain Co., Ltd and added 3 companies as new councils which are Shenzhen View-SCM Supply Chain Co., Ltd, Shenzhen SJET Supply Chain Co., Ltd and Shenzhen Kerry (Yantian Port) Logistics Co., Ltd.
The Council Companies has increased from 42 to 49. After hearing the Annual Report of 2011 and work Plan of 2012, the participants expressed their content on the LSCMA’s performance and made suggestions on the work Plan of 2012. LSCMA will concentrate on enhancing service and promoting industry development for an innovative progress in 2012.   
Wu Xiaoming, the chief of Logistics Office of Transport Committee affirmed the role LSCMA play to connect the government and enterprises and sang high praise of what LSCMA had assisted related departments. The China (Shenzhen) International Logistics and Transportation Fair held by LSCMA and statistics service of Shenzhen logistics industry by Shenzhen Modern Supply Chain Management Research Institute were emphasized during the meeting and Wu encouraged LSCMA to continue to be a good assistant or helper for government and enterprises.
Analyzing Logistics industry situation, Transformation and upgrading is on the way
With the influence of international financial crisis and the acceleration of domestic industry upgrading, Shenzhen modern logistics will confront more challenges from the unfavorable factors in 2012, such as the prohibitive cost and intensifying competition. How to get rid of the unfavorable influence of negative macro factors to enterprises’ development and to achieve rapid transformation and upgrading is a hot topic that nearly every enterprise concern about.
On the Shenzhen Logistics Industry Situation Analysis Meeting of 2012, Shenzhen Modern Supply Chain Management Research Institute released the Analysis Report of Shenzhen Logistics Industry Business Environment, which reflects the objective general situation of Shenzhen logistics industry business environment from 7 aspects, including enterprises’ operation situation, operation problems, the dynamic changes of Shenzhen logistics industry business environment, business development direction, financing environment, talents environment and supporting policies and suggestions. The report was unanimously accepted by the participants.
The enterprises representatives held lively discussion on popular issues on enterprises operation and industry development, like market trends of 2012, analysis on advantages and disadvantages of reformation from business tax to VAT, transformation from export to import, suggestions on customs policy from enterprises and supporting policies of transformation and upgrading.
Wu Xiaoming, the chief of Logistics Office pointed out in the report that enterprises should be confident and accelerate transformation and upgrading in face of difficulties. The Implementation Scheme on Shenzhen Logistics Industry Transformation and Upgrade will be issued in this April. The scheme will be discussed about the transformation and upgrading of enterprises from 8 aspects, respectively High-end, structure adjustment, technology, management, talents training, project management and streamlined customs clearance. Wu also said the government will adjust related supporting policy and the enterprises should make a correct appraisal of the situation and seize every opportunity of transformation and upgrade to become bigger and stronger, promoting the whole Shenzhen logistics industry to the high-end direction.