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New Climax in the Cooperation between SZ-Dalian Logistics and Manufacturing Industries

Date Posted:2012-06-12   Author:    Source:Original site
In the Meeting of Cooperation and Development between Shenzhen-Dalian Logistics Industries held on the morning of July 8. Bureau of Communication of Shenzhen Municipality, Shenzhen Logistics and Supply Chain Management Association and logistics enterprise representatives introduced the development situation and success experience of Shenzhen logistics industry. They also brought out many feasible suggestions on the cooperation and development between the South and the North. More than 120 enterprises from Dalian and neighboring cities appreciated the success of Shenzhen logistics development and hoped to learn from its successful experience. Meanwhile, they also held high expectations on cross-region cooperation. How large is the cooperative room for Shenzhen and Dalian logistics industries? In what fields can Shenzhen and Dalian logistics and manufacturing companies start cooperation? What is the current situation and development trend of logistics outsourcing of manufacturing enterprises? Aiming at these questions that are of common concern in the Dalian industry, local reporters especially interviewed LSCMA’s Secretary General, Ms. Zheng Yanling.
In terms of manufacturing companies, Ms. Zheng analyzed it is undoubted that as enterprise supply chain management becomes more and more developed and complete, enterprises will gain more profits by outsourcing its non-core business. In Shenzhen, a quite high proportion of manufacturing companies have chosen to outsource some businesses like warehousing, transporting and supply chain management to profession logistics companies and concentrate on the R&D, production, sales and brand building of their products. “Currently, there are not that many Dalian manufacturing companies to outsource their logistics business. Therefore, there is a huge room to expand the market. This is one of the cooperation opportunities between Shenzhen and Dalian in logistics.”
Ms. Zheng also pointed out, in terms of logistics industry, the cooperation between the logistics industries in these two cities needs to be enhanced. They need to integrate effectively various resources and form a partnership among logistics companies to interact and develop. The current situation of China’s logistics service market that is decentralized, separated, isolated and disorderly competitive is being improved. More logistics companies set the strategic goal of future development on logistics solution suppliers. And resource integration is just the same choice of these companies.
It is reported that besides Dalian manufacturing and logistics enterprises, representatives of IT enterprises and the senior training course of the interaction between manufacturing and logistics in 7 cities in line with the construction of “Five Points, One Line” of Liaoning also presented in the meeting. They aimed to communicate and cooperate with more Shenzhen and Dalian logistics enterprises. And famous enterprises of Shenzhen logistics delegation include Wangang Logistics, Energy Logistics, Gangyuntong Global Logistics, Yuyitong, BHT, Onsoon, Haimingwei Transport, EH SCM Group, etc.