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Da Chan Bay Terminal One

Date Posted:2012-08-02   Author:    Source:Original site
Ports - The Driving Force For the Logistics Development of Shenzhen
To widen member enterprises’ horizon and strengthen their exchange and cooperation, our association (Shenzhen Logistics and Supply Chain Management Association) organizes member enterprises to visit Da Chan Bay Terminal One (DCB) and learn its operation situation, which will surely bring business opportunities for the cooperation of both sides and multi-parties.
Located in a strategic location of the Pearl River Delta, Da Chan Bay Terminal One (DCB) is a new world-class container terminal in the Western Shenzhen Port area in South China. It possesses a perfect land and water transport network which can go through the east and west of Pearl River Delta and it is an ideal location to serve the Pan-Pearl River Delta cargo catchment areas. Da Chan Bay Terminal One covers an area of 112 hectares with 5 berths along its quayside of 1,830 metres and 600 metres wide. The terminal is scheduled to commence operations with its first two berths at the end of 2007 and put into use in 2008. The third and the other two berths were respectively ready for use at the end of 2008 and the early 2009. Alongside depth is initially -15.5 metres and could be dredged up to -18 metres in the future, which is able to handle the world’s largest existing and planned container vessels.
Relying on its complete land and water transport network, Da Chan Bay Terminal One (DCB) can distinctly reduce the transport cost. For example, taking an empty 40ft container from Shenzhen and loading it in any one of the 13 cities in Pearl River Delta and then returning it to Shenzhen, it will save 33 US dollars per tow truck one way by choosing DCB than YT. And it will save more by using barge via DCB. The total cost for a 40ft container’s round trip by barge between DCB and Xiaolan Town, Zhongshan is 259 US dollars with 34 kg carbon dioxide emission. It creates a 115 US dollars reduction on cost and a 252 KG decrease on CO2 emission compare with the trip between YT and Xiaolan Town which will reduce the transporting cost for enterprises and is more environmental friendly.
 “DCB is expected to open its optimized platform of barge resources and cooperate with barge companies by the end of 2012. By then, DCB will extend its barge network to remote ports of Pearl River Delta whose cargo throughputs are fewer.” remarked the relevant principal of DCB.
After the visit, most of the representatives member enterprises generally believe that the visit help them deepen their understanding about Da Chan Bay Terminal One as well as Shenzhen Ports. They also held that ports are the driving force for the logistics development in Shenzhen and the efficient operation and huge handling capacity of ports enhances the rapid development of logistics in Shenzhen. According to statics, the cargo throughput of Shenzhen had reached 22.57 million ton with a growth of 0.27% and it ranked the fourth in all ports in the world.