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KTZ Express Visiting LSCMA and Discussing Shenzhen-Europe Trains Project Together

Date Posted:2016-11-21   Author:    Source:Original site

In the afternoon of  November 15th, 2016, Mr. Sakenov Abdur-Rashid, Business Manager Hong Kong, KTZ Express, visited Shenzhen Logistics and Suply Chain Management Association (LSCMA for short), and was warmly received by Ms. Zheng Yanling, Secretary-General of the LSCMA.



KTZ Express, a 100% subsidiary of JSC "NC" Kazakhstan Temir Zholy, provides comprehensive multi-modal transport service including railway transportation, maritime transportation, air transportation, road transportation and port,  airport and warehousing service. The new office in Hong Kong is to promote import & export trade among China, Centra Asia, Asia and Europe.


Since the publication of the “one-belt, one-road strategy”, entrepreneurs see business opportunities in the development of China-Europe trains. Mr. Sakenov Abdur-Rashid affirms the strategic position of Shenzhen and attempts to build Shenzhen as a distribution hub connecting Southern Asia market, Eurasian market and Centra market,  like Lianyungang distribution hub connecting Northeast Asia market and Europe market.


Sakenov Abdur-Rashid said they attached great importance to the strategic position of Shenzhen in their route planning. In the past, the trade among Southeast Asia, West Europe and Centra Asia was accomplished by air and maritime transportation. Considering the high cost of air transportation and low speed of maritime transportation,  KTZ  Express plans to cooperate with Yantian Port and West Port to create a distribution hub in Shenzhen, and then cargo from the Southeast Asia will be carried to Shenzhen Port, then transferred by Shenzhen Railways to Centra Asia and to Europe.


Mr. Sakenov Abdur-Rashid holds the view that if this project works out, it will bring significant impact on the entire market. For instance, tropical fruit from Southeast Asia countries, such as Vietnam, is very popular in Centra Asia. However, transportation becomes an obstructive factor as the low speed of the maritime transportation damages the freshness of the fruite while the cost of air transportation is too high. Thus, if there is a distributution center in Shenzhen, the fruite will be shipped to Shenzhen by water, then transferred to the Centra Asia market by railways, which will keep the fruit fresh and reduce the transportation cost. Moreover, Shenzhen is huge supply base itself. The railway transportation, combining the advantages of both maritime and air transporation, is the favorable choice for high value-added products like new high-tech products.


Sakenov Abdur-Rashid came to LSCMA to seek assistance in develoing railway trains from Shenzhen to Europe. He consulted Ms. Zheng Yanling, the Secretary-general, about the supportive policies from the government on this project and hopes the LSCMA recommend some powerful logitics companies to jointly work on this project.


Ms. Zheng gave a detailed explanation to Mr. Sakenov Abdur-Rashid’s questions, and pointed out that the plan proposed by KTZ  Express is forward looking according to the national “one-belt, one-road” strategy. If the distribution center is built, the sea-rail transport will vastly reduce transportation cost and time, which will not only promte economic development of Shenzhen and coastal cities, but also greatly improve transportation hub status of Shenzhen. LSCMA will follow this project closely and look forward to a deep cooperation with KTZ Express.