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Date: 21-23 September, 2023
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World Port Strategy Forum

Date Posted:2011-09-06   Author:    Source:Original site

                                                                                                                               World Port Strategy Forum
                                                                          "Improving Global Logistics

                                                                                                            One Port at a Time"

                                                                                                                              Hosted by
                                                                                               Shenzhen Port
The World Port Strategy Forum(WPSF), organized by the Global Institute of Logistics (GIL), takes place over two days this October in Shenzhen PRC, Thursday October 13th and Friday October 14th, at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Centre hosted by Shenzhen Port Authority and is being co-presented with the China (Shenzhen) International Logistics Fair (CILF).
A whole series of changes in the field of world economics, such as the globalization of production and consumption and the structural changes in inter-port relations, port-hinterland relationships and logistics, have strengthened the role of ports as nodes within the global transport system.
Historically ports were measured on their ability to accommodate ships and other modes of transport effectively and efficiently. Contemporary developments in transportation, however, dictate that emphasis has shifted to the ability of ports to fulfil new roles in the logistics era within the context of operating as part of an integrated global supply chain system.
The role of modern seaports involves integration into the supply chain, and fulfilling this role means greater ability of the port to satisfy customers and achieve its objectives. In this role, the port is considered as part of a cluster of organizations in which different logistics and transport operators are involved in bringing value to the final consumers.
In order to be successful, such channels need to achieve a higher degree of coordination and cooperation. The determination of the parameters that encompass the extent of integration of ports/terminals in global supply chains has, therefore, become of great importance for ports. Through GIL research it has become clear that the Port Authority is best placed to act as champion and orchestrator of this coordination and cooperation, and it is to this that the WPSF speaks.
About The Event
The WPSF is being convened to bring together Chief Executives from the world leading Port Authorities to discuss and debate the findings from the Institute's four-year study into global ports. The title of this report is Improving Global Logistics One Port at a Time, and examines how port communities are meeting the demands of full integration into the global supply chain.
Building on over 20 case studies drawn from 13 ports around the world, together with academic comment and our own independent research and literature review, the report demonstrates the steps taken by first mover port authorities to emerge as port logistics strategists, facilitating the development of integrated port communities.
The report and forum will introduce Port Authorities from across the world to:
1.      the Reformation taking place in their sector and the 20 Thought Leaders and Early Adopterswho the Institute have identified as leading the change.
2.      the Information, Best Practices and Key Performance Indicators by way of Case Studies from 13 ports driving the change.
3.      the Transformation tools developed by Thought Leaders and Early Adopters in the pursuit of what is now accepted as global best practice for port authorities.
In honor of the 13 ports identified, and to recognize their contribution to Best Practice, we propose formally presenting each port with best in Class of accreditation at the forum and Welcome Banquet which takes place the evening before the event.
Delegates will have the opportunity to learn from, and benchmark against, the experience of this esteemed peer group. Attendance at the conference is reserved for members of the Global Institute of Logistics, conference speakers, dignitaries and guests of the hosts.
The reason for coinciding WPSF with these events is to give visiting delegates from around the world who have made the long trip to China an opportunity to take full advantage of their visit.
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