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Date: 21-23 September, 2023
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Various Forums and Events in CILF2015

Date Posted:2015-10-05   Author:    Source:Original site

CILF2015 forums obtain the features of “Practical” and “High-end” as before, in an international and delicacy form, focus on sorting of new technologies and application on new products. The forums promote communication between domestic and overseas, counterparts and cross industries, collaboration in SCM, logistics, E-commerce, SCM finance, technology, equipment and manufacturing, chaining each tache in circulation service and exploring industrial innovation development direction. Except same areas in CILF2014 covering airlines, shipping, city public transport, big data and intelligent logistics, city distribution, international logistics cooperation, cross-border E-commerce and SCM service, CILF2015 newly adds “Global Value Chain Innovation Development Summit”, “E-commerce Thousand People Forum”, “One Road One Belt” and “Business Model Innovation” Forums.    
        Various forums and events are organized: 2015 Global Value Chain(GVC) Innovation Development Summit, E-commerce Thousand People Forum, 2nd Cross-border E-commerce Logistics and Supply Chain Service Development Forum, “Scandinavia: Your Green Gateway to Europe”, Logistics Solution Made in Germany -- Reducing Logistics Costs, International Port Cooperation Forum, Sam M. Walton College of Business, University of Arkansas: the U.S. Logistics, Transportation & Supply Chain System and Executive Education Program, CILF Networking Days One2One Meetings, Seminar between Halifax Harbour & Shenzhen Port, Belgium Zeebrugee Port Promotion Meeting, TPM Asia Conference, 2015 Fifth China (Shenzhen) Public Transport Metropolis Development Forum, Golden Bowl On-site Recruiting, Logistics Development Under Internet Era Forum, and etc.

        1. 2nd Cross-border E-commerce Logistics and Supply Chain Service Development Forum
         With deep development of electronic information technology and economy globalization, an increasing number of domestic middle and small companies recognized the broad market and large potential benefit from cross-board E-commerce, and implemented the transformation from traditional offline foreign trade to online E-commerce. From then on, cross-border E-commerce platforms blossomed. New commodity inspection and tariff policies frequently come into effect. Third-party (logistics, payment) service companies are also in a fierce competition.  
        This cross-border, integrating and win-win forum is hosted by Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government, supported by Shenzhen Electronic Commerce Service Center,Shenzhen Logistics and Supply Chain Management Association, Shenzhen Qianhai Supply Chain Service Industry Association, co-organized by NAMO, Logistics in Wallonia, OSELL, which is themed on “communication, cooperation, expectation, opportunity”,  and discussion of hot spots like “How does Cross-border E-commerce chaining to global opportunities?”, “Supply Chain Finance Restructures New Ecosystem of Foreign Trade”, “Fostering the Advantage of Global Supply Chain of Cross-border E-commerce”, “The Interpretation of The Crux and Development Trend of All Logistics Chain”, deep analyzing choke points of Cross-border E-commerce and solving practical problems.
        Meanwhile, the industrial celebrities, CEO, COO, Chairman and president of leading enterprises, like Ms. Xu Ping, big sister in cross-board E-commerce, general manager from Henan Bonded Logistics Center conducted by President Xi Jinping, Premier Li Keqiang and Chairman Zhang Dejiang, Mr. Feng Jianfeng, founder and CEO of well-acknowledged B2B website OSELL, Mr. Luo Min, CEO of 4PX, Mr. Yu Chongyuan, COO of Bird System Ltd, Mr. Peng Guodong, CEO of Yun Express, Ms. Xiong Hongmei, CEO of Flying Logistics, Mr. Lu Haichuan, chairman of Aukey E-business, Mr. Ouyang Zhijun, vice president of China Brilliant Supply Chain, Mr. Huang Jingkai, general manager of Tempus Group, Mr. Kang Ping, south china director of Amazon, Mr. Igor Subow, head of NAMO, will present on-site to share practical successful experiences with counterparts, evoke inspirations for cross-industrial enterprises. Communication with them will help solve choke points and promote breakthrough in cross-border E-commerce.
        2. Scandinavia: Your Green Gateway to Europe
        Malmö Locates in the southernmost of Sweden. Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark. Ports of two cities, divided by the sea, become joint ports. In the forum of “Scandinavia: Your Green Gateway to Europe”, Mr Johan Röstin, CEO of Copenhagen Malmö Port, will mainly introduce Copenhagen Malmö market, covering area, and Malmö Industrial Park. Besides, successful enterprises are also invited to share operation experiences and specify advantages of Copenhagen Malmö. Barging into Northern Europe, are you ready?

        3. Logistics Solution Made in Germany -- Reducing Logistics Costs
        Germany, European economic heavyweight and world manufacturing power, rates highly in the world on basis of high-grade, high-precision, and advanced technologies. Improve infrastructure facilities and high level logistics service, strengthen manufacturing, optimize each tache of supply chain from manufacturing to consumption, which help keeping passionate vigor in German economy. German manufacturer and logistics are successful paradigms for development of other countries. Experience and thinking obtained in logistics will be presented by Deputy Director General of Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure, CEO of Logistics Alliance Germany, General Manager of Logiline GmbH, including hot spots like Standardized Logistics Solutions, Reducing costs in fourth logistics, Using new IT standards, and etc.  

        4. International Port Cooperation Forum
Are you worried about choice of ports for your goods? Are you disturbed by searching of overseas logistics service? Are you planning to set up an oversea warehouse or distribution center? Come to International Port Cooperation Forum! Here we have Mr. Santiago Garcia Milà, President of the IAPH, Mr Jordi Torrent, Strategy Director of the Port of Barcelona, Mr. Clive Smith, Project Manager of Walvis Bay Corridor Group, Mr. Douglas Owen, Deputy Secretary General of Bureau International des Containers (BIC), Mr. RANSBOTYN Kévin, Chief Representative China of Nantes Saint-Nazaire Port and Atlantic Port of Bordeaux to present on-site and make speeches. One-stop solve all your problems.