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Date: October 10-12, 2019
Venue: Shenzhen Covention & Exhibition Center

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The 3rd Sea-Rail Transport & Cross-border Transportation Summit Forum-The Belt and Road-the Opportunities & Challenges of the China-Europe Block Train

Date Posted:2019-01-07   Author:CILF Team    Source:Original site

On October 12, The 3rd Sea-Rail Transport & Cross-border Transportation Summit Forum-The Belt and Road- the Opportunities and Challenges of the China-Europe Block Train was held in Sweet Osmanthus Hall on the 6th floor of Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center. The forum was held by Transport Commission of Shenzhen Municipality and Shenzhen Port Authority, co-organized by Shenzhen Logistics and Supply Chain Management Association and Shenzhen Neptune Logistics Group. More than 500 railway department managers and enterprise representatives from Asian and European countries gathered to discuss the topic of "the challenges, opportunities and measures of Sea-Rail transportation and China-Europe Block Train" to create a more competitive and energy-efficient transport system.

" The Belt and Road Initiative” comes to its 5th anniversary in 2018. Along with the steady progress of the " The Belt and Road " construction, the economic and trade exchanges between China and Europe and the countries along the border has become more frequent, and the demand for international logistics more vigorous. Until August of 2018, the number of China-Europe Block Train lines has reached 10,000. China-Europe Block Train developed so rapidly, basically forming 65 domestic lines in 48 cities, reaching more than 40 cities in 15 European countries.


The forum was divided into 2 sessions. The first session around the theme of “Situation of Sea-Rail Transport and China-Europe Block Train”, was moderated by Nicolas de Loisy, President of Supply Chain Management Outsource.

Speakers of the Morning Session

Mr. Huang Shengwen, the member of Party Leading Group of Transport Commission of Shenzhen Municipality, addressed at the forum that the China-Europe Block Train has huge development potential, and can provide opportunities for us but also difficulties at the same time. He hoped that this forum can help enterprises to enhance their core competitiveness and jointly promote the transformation and upgrading of the Sea-Rail transport & Cross-border transportation.


Mr. Zhong Cheng, Deputy General Manager of China Railway Container Transport Co., Ltd shared the situaiton of China-Europe block train from 3 points: China Railway Corporation has attached great importance to the development of China-Europe block train, given advantages and support in the transport system, and encouraged a more safe, stable, fast and punctual transport system. China Railway Container Company will continue to deepen exchanges and cooperation with railway departments and related enterprises of the countries along the railway line, promote high-quality development of China-Europe block train and jointly create important brands in the field of international logistics.


Mr. Alexey Grom, President of UTLC ERA, presented that  UTLC's transport routes had not yet crossed Shenzhen or started from Shenzhen. He hoped to reach more cooperation in the future after this conference.


Mr. Igor Shilov, Vice President of Belarus Railway said at the forum that through the cooperation of various railway companies, China -Europe block train program will become an important part of the strategy of "The belt and road" initiative. He hoped to invite more transportation infrastructure companies, and container construction companies in the future to work together to transport goods to more countries and regions through the way of multimodal transportation -highways and railways.


Mr. Viacheslav Valentik, CEO of JSC RZD Logistics pointed out the reconstruction of railways, especially those in Poland, could lead to transportation congestion and efficiency reduction. Thus he wanted to find alternative logistics solutions, use new country entrance, which could apply sea-rail transportation, start new services to satisfy market’s demands.


Dr. Kelvin Leung, CEO, Asia Pacific, DHL Global Forwarding indicated at the forum that in order to be able to meet the needs of the world in the long run, China, especially the market of China – Europe train, we must create opportunities in three fields, including infrastructure, technology and digitalization, and market operation. Through the connection of Global trade, we must firmly believe that the "The belt and road" strategy can bring benefits to all people and promote the realization of great initiatives of the China-Euro network, especially the railway network.


Mr. Edvins Berzins, President of Latvian Railway expressed Latvia Railway’s huge interests in developing China-Euro multimodel railways, and giving full play to transport potential in Latvia and other countries. Latvia is actively attracting European cargo flows to build transportation corridors to other countries, and China is investing heavily in transportation and logistics.


Mr. Michal Stupak, Chief Client Officer of Port of Gdansk Authority, stated that the port of Gdansk was the largest port in Poland and the largest port in the Baltic Sea. Its geographical location was also very advantageous. At the same time, the Port of Gdansk had very close ties with Central and Eastern Europe and very big advantage in the transportation of containers and bulk cargo. In the future, Port of Gdansk will invest in central port projects based on the size of the target market, and provide services for more countries.


Mr. Qi Dan, General Manager of YUXINOU (Chongqing)Logistics Co.,Ltd, said YUXINOU as the representative of China-Europe block train, has always explored and innovated the industry of railway transportation. China-Europe block train has brought us many opportunities, promoted cultural exchanges between cities and countries along the line, and speeded up the further development of logistics transportation. The development and extension of China-Europe block train will bring Chinese enterprises go to the world, and also expand foreign enterprises investment in China, increase employment rate, improve economic efficiency, and ultimately achieve mutual benefit. In the future, we should explore the planning of the China-European train in practice gradually to find a correct path. There are many problems that can only be solved by our joint efforts.


Mr. Rodan Senekl, Commercial Director Poland of RailLogix stated Railogix was committed to helping Chinese and European companies with a variety of transport solutions, and has put great efforts to improve the efficiency of railway transportation, hoping that through exchanges and cooperation can provide better services to everyone.


Mr. Levin Zhao, General Manager of Shenzhen Neptune Logistics Group Guangzhuo Branch said from the perspective of establishing the bay area of Guangdong, Hongkong and Macau, further supporting “The Belt and Road” Initiative and promoting the development of China-Europe block train, Neptune Logistics will continue to deepen exchanges and cooperation with the railway departments and related enterprises along the railway line so as to promote the quality development of China-Europe block train, and jointly create important brands in the field of international logistics.


During the panel dicussion in the morning session, around the topic of current situation, chanllenge, and possible solution of China-Europe block train, experts interacted with audiences actively, and created lots of new ideas during the brainstorming.


The theme of the afternoon session was Problem Analysis and Solution of Sea-Rail Transport and China-Europe Block Train. And the moderator was Mr. Johnson Zhong, Chief Operation Officer of Neptune Logistics Group


Speakers of the afternoon session


Mr. Wang Ming, Director General of Institute of Comprehensive Transportation of National Development and Reform Commission, analyzed the development direction and prospect of China-Europe block train. He said China-Europe block train existed huge potential currently, but still should strive to solve all chanllenges jointly.


Mr. Wang Lei, Deputy General Manager of Wuhan Asia-Europe Logistics Co. Ltd introduced the development and operation situation of Wuhan-Europe block train that the company has created the new sharing mode of “Wuhan-Europe + City”, expanded international channel to develop international road railway transport, improve domestic and foreign logistics system, and also cooperate with the third logistics party, speed up the construction of the "last mile" of logistics and logistics park, so as to provide customers with a variety of additional services and continue to optimize and deepen cooperation with major partners.


Mr. Liu Yu, Deputy General Manager of CIMC Logistics Yangtze CO., LTD addressed speech on the development of multimodal transport in the Yangtze River Economic Belt, which supported the Yangtze River strategy and the development of multimodal transport.


Mr. Ivan Grishagin, CEO of Russian Container Company put forward his views on the current railway solutions for China-Europe high-speed freight transport.



Mr. Liu Guimei, Deputy Manager-General of Shenzhen Sinocean Logistics Co., Ltd Guangzhou Branch stated that Sinocean was committed to developing multimodal transport. However, in many years of industrial practice, it has been found that the problems of different identification standards of goods, inappropriate information exchange and inadequate matching of infrastructure affect the efficiency of intermodal transport. Thus Sinocean tried to position itself as a multimodel transportation operator responsible for the whole progress, integrate resources, adjust transport structure, optimize network and transport system, innovate transport mode, promote information sharing among different modes of transport, and truly achieve cost reduction and efficiency enhancement


Mr. XIA Chaohui, General Manager of Hunan Xiaongou Express Co. Ltd, introduced to us the achievements of Hunan railway in the past 40 years of Reform and Opening up and 5 years of the Belt and the Road Initiative as well as Xiaongou Express situation.


Mr. Chen Zunyan, President of SHENZHEN JOINT TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD introduced the platform- Container Connecting the World’s mesurement to solve the tough problems including informationization, security, transfer efficiency management in cargo transshipment, so that customers can take the initiative to realize the management and control of mobile assets.


Mr. Jiang Ye, Marketing Director of Shenzhen Yingzhuo Information Technology Co.,Ltd analyzed the tough problems in logistics and transportation, introduced to audiences the characteristics of Cargoo, provided the solution for logistics tracking platform, so as to apply technology to lead intelligent logistics.


Mr. Panther Xiao, Director & General Manager of Shenzhen Pingyan Multimodal Company Limited mentioned that by building an inland port into a professional platform, the service level would be improved to meet customer requirements on the quality of transport, and in this platform, you could complete the entire freight transport after paying a fixed cost, which was more attractive to many small and medium-sized manufacturers.


The afternoon session’s panel discussion was divided into two parts. The first part was around the topic of what are the main problems in the current China-Europe Block Train and measurements to short the time from China to Europe by rail, speed up transit time.

With Johnson Zhong as the moderator, discussion guests included WangMing, Director of Institute of Comprehensive Transportation of National Development and Reform Commission; Wang Lei, Deputy General Manager of Wuhan Asia-Europe Logistics Co. Ltd; Ivan Grishagin, CEO of Russian Container Company; Xia Chaohui, General Manager of Hunan Xiaongou Express Co. Ltd; Chen Zunyan, President of SHENZHEN JOINT TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD.

The second discussion invited Jeff Yeung, Professor of Supply Chain Research Center of Chinese university of Hong Kong & Asian Logistics and Supply Chain Research Center to explore the topic of potential to connect Southeast Asia market to Central Asia, Baltic area and Europe via China by ocean and rail; What the main problems of sea-rail transportation and How to optimize the different routes from China to Europe with Bonnie Zhu, Co-founder & CEO of Neptune Logistics Group, Fan Yongjian, Deputy General Manager of Rail Logistics Platform of Sinotrans South China Limited and Wang Bolin, General Manager of CIMC Logistics Yangtze CO., LTD as well as the audiences at the forum.