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Transportation and the Belt and Road Initiative (by Nicolas de Loisy)

Date Posted:2019-07-11   Author:    Source:Original site

SCMO Research publishes a new book

“Transportation and the Belt and Road Initiative”

Everything you wanted to know about the Belt and Road Initiative and did not dare to ask

Hong Kong, June 25th, 2019  - SCMO Research, the research arm of SCMO, the advisory firm specialized in logistics, transportation, and supply chain management, has published a new book titled “Transportation and the Belt and Road Initiative”. It contains the first-time-ever-published list of all BRI projects amounting USD 1 trillion.


The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) has received considerable critical attention from the infrastructure, political and media worlds. Most reports and articles on the subject are confused at best, when they are not completely misinformed or contradictory. To date there has been little agreement on the number of BRI projects, amounts spent, dates, and geographical distribution. A global information warfare campaign of mis-information, dis-information, and intoxication is currently at play about the BRI, which direct result is to confuse the situation even more...


This book critically examines what China’s BRI is about, clarifies the confusion, and answers many questions. It includes a first-time-ever-published list and statistical tables of all the BRI projects up to December 31st, 2018. A mixed-methods approach was used in the data analysis, and the theory of constraints underpins this research as a theoretical framework. BRI projects are classified by projects’ name, date, status, value, country, region, industry, and transportation mode.


Additional never-published-before tables describe seven transportation modes. These tables are instrumental to our understanding of the BRI and are unpacked and analyzed in great detail in one section of this book. This work also demonstrates how instrumental the BRI is to globalization, which in itself is conducive to humanity’s evolution. It describes humanity’s five key chokepoints, and apprehends how China and the BRI are addressing them.


In conclusion, the book shares an interview with a special Chinese lady, who benefits from a long China history’s oversight. She shows us the Chinese perception of China and of the world. She tells us what China’s point of view and ambitions are, especially as far as the BRI is concerned. The book was praised by famous experts and practitioners:


“It is an excellent, comprehensive and detailed treatment of the Belt and Road Initiative. This book is far more useful than almost anything written on the topic.” – Parag Khanna, Author of Connectography, New York, USA


“This exhaustive study belongs within arm’s reach on the desk and/ or nearby reference material shelf of any person or company involved in any manner, shape or form in the arena of “moving stuff”.” – Joel Laykin, Secretary General, Independent Power Producers Forum (IPPF), Hong Kong, China


“I trust this book would provide a good road map for policy makers and infrastructure developers in any developing countries amidst complex geo-political circumstances.” – Dr. D. J. Pandian, Vice President and Chief Investment Officer, Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), Beijing, China


This book is aimed at practitioners, scholars, and experts in: policy making, government administration, infrastructure development, BRI, civil engineering, logistics, transportation, supply chain management, sustainability, warfare, defense, military, intelligence, security, risk mitigation, law, energy, electric grid, pipeline, sea-freight, air-freight, road transportation, rail transportation, digital world, internet, geostrategy, globalization, geopolitics, political science, business, economics, developing countries, social science, tipping points, ecosystem, water, collapse, society cycles, South China Sea, expansionism, and many more.


While a Simplified Chinese translation is being done and should be ready in one or two months’ time, the book is available since today in English language in paperback editions on Amazon and in digital edition on SCMO website (






For editorial information on the book and on SCMO Research,

please contact Mr. Nicolas de Loisy, author of “Transportation and the Belt and Road Initiative” and President of SCMO

Tel: +852 2866 3139   Mob. +852 9308 4593   Fax. +852 2866 2290