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Date: 21-23 September, 2023
Venue: Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center

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Exhibitor Notice

Date Posted:2016-03-18   Author:    Source:Original site

Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center                       
Fuhua No.3 Road, Futian Dist., Shenzhen, 518040, China.          

Dates & Opening Hours                         



Hall Opening Hours

(For Exhibitors)

Show Opening Hours

(For Visitors)

Move In
(Settle down)

19th Sep. (Tue.)



20th Sep. (Wed.)


Show Dates

21st Sep. (Thu.)



22nd Sep. (Fri.)

23rd Sep. (Sat.)



Tear Down

23rd Sep. (Sat.)



1.    Entry and exit management of exhibits and materials
Guards must check all articles entering and leaving the halls. Exhibits are only allowed to enter during entry time and show hours. Articles to leave the halls under the condition that there is an exit-approval document of exhibitors' articles ("release note" for short hereinafter). The document should be issued by the Organizing Committee or the Convention and Exhibition Center and signed by the site person in charge. During entry time, show hours and site removing, exhibitors should send staff to custody their own booth for the security of the exhibits.

2.    Enter and exit management of vehicles

1)   During show time of the fair, vehicles to enter and exit the Convention and Exhibition Center ("hall" for short hereinafter) should show "SZLF Vehicle Pass Permit". Vehicles must be parked in the areas marked by the red line, underground parking lot or parking lot near the hall.
2)   Trucks are not allowed to enter the hall during the show hours.
3)   If there is any change mentioned above, all vehicles should subject to the notice of Shenzhen Transit Authority, site traffic control and traffic signs.

3.    Booth Management
1)    Transferring or subleasing the booth is not permitted. If the booth doesn't conform to the company applying, it will be considered as transferring or subleasing, including:
a)    Booth is transferred to the joint venture on behalf of the joint venture companies.
b)    Booth is transferred to suppliers and collaborators in the name of suppliers and cooperators.
c)    Booth is transferred to other companies in the name of lending.
d)    Booth is changed or exchanged without authorized permission.
e)    Booth rental are charged expensively in the name of suppliers, cooperators and collaborators.
f)    Other violations of booth transferring and subleasing.
g)    During the show hours, exhibitors are not permitted to buy or sell goods on the spot.
h)    Any exhibit is not allowed to be moved out of the booth without permission of the sponsor after the beginning of the exhibition. In addition, any booth is not allowed to be removed before the end of the exhibition.

4.    Exhibition Security Management
1)    The Organizing committee will try to keep the safety of booths and exhibits. However, they will not undertake any responsibility for the accidental injuries, losses and damages of exhibits.
2)    Some persons should be appointed to undertake the responsibility for the safety and security, make security measures and consolidate the management and improve the exhibitors' security consciousness.
3)    All the exhibitors and visitors should obey regulation of the exhibition, maintain the order and avoid accidence.
4)    All the personnel entering the hall should carry relevant certificates and obey the security personnel's inspection. Lending certificates to others and bringing any one who doesn't have certificates are not allowed. The violators will be punished.
5)    All the exhibits should be put in right place. They are not allowed to put outside of their booth. Decorating at will is strictly prohibited. Everyone should obey the inspection and correction of the related working staff in the exhibition.
6)    Take fire protection work seriously. The exhibitors should address highly attention on the safety of electricity and strengthen the fire fighting education. Some persons should be appointed to be in charge of fire fighting. Strictly implement the responsibility system of fire prevention and strengthen check management. Exhibitors are expected to report any potential safety hazard to on-site work staff or security personnel to nip the fire accidents in the bud.
7)    All exhibitors are supposed to protect all kinds of fire facilities in the hall and keep their normal working condition. Any article can't be put one meter in front of fire facilities. Fire facilities are strictly prohibited from impeding, occupying, damaging and embezzling. All the booths and decorations can't be capped in any form. Make sure that the fire alarm system and automatic fire fighting system are in their normal working condition.
8)    Before the closing time of the exhibition each day, all exhibitors are supposed to coordinate the security personnel to clear the hall, mainly eliminating the inflammable sundry goods, kindling material and other disaster hidden dangers in the booth, shutting off the power source, protecting expensive articles and closing windows and doors.
9)    Because of the crowds in public place during exhibition, exhibitors should protect their private articles, such as handbags, portable computers, cameras, mobile phones and so on, especially when there are lots of people in negotiation.
10)    Before the closing time of the exhibition each day, samples should be put away in the exhibiting cabinet or safe cabinet, or exhibitors can take other protective measures. The samples are supposed to be looked after and managed by exhibitors themselves. All the exhibitors should enter the hall on time and are not allowed to leave ahead of time in order to guarantee the safety of the exhibiting samples.

5.    Noise Control Regulation
1)    Any noise by a booth is not supposed to disturb visitors and other neighboring exhibitors.
2)    The volume of video equipment should be lower than 50 decibels.
3)    The site management institution reserves the right to take the precautionary measures and punish the person violating the stipulation repeatedly and ignoring advice.

6.    Punishment to displaying and selling goods at will during the fair
For the benefits of exhibitors and visitors, displaying at will on the spot of exhibition is strictly prohibited.
1)    Expel and confiscate any exhibiting program which is not in conformity with the one previously applied. It will be recorded as one condition of exhibiting verification in the future.
2)    The company or person hiring the booth should take full responsibility for the result caused by displaying at will.

7.    Notes for Overseas Exhibitors
1)    Please contact official freight forwarder cooperating with "CILF" so that it is easy to handle exhibits Customs clearance.
2)    For the goods taken along with overseas exhibitors to China, they are supposed to be applied to Customs by the official freight forwarder and get the permission of the customs before they are brought into and taken out of the exhibiting hall.
3)    Handouts, catalogues, name cards, materials and gifts to be distributed in this exhibition are supposed to be inspected by the customs and the Convention & Exhibition Center, otherwise, they are prohibited from being brought into the hall.
4)    Please keep all receipts issued by the Customs so that the official freight forwarder receives the exhibits from the Customs on behalf of the exhibitors.
5)    Little gifts can be distributed during the exhibition under the condition that the import duty is handed over. The number of gifts and the price list should be handed in to the Customs through official freight forwarder before the exhibition. For other information based on regulation of the exhibiting hall, you can contact staffs of “CILF”.

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